Here’s what people have to say about our pyramids…

“I have been very pleased with the impact pyramids have had on my life. I now sleep much more soundly and deeply than before and wake up feeling refreshed. It is so nice not to have to drag myself out of bed each morning. If I feel in need of an energy boost during the day, a short nap or meditation in the pyramid leaves me feeling relaxed and energized. At the moment, I am using the smaller pyramid for keeping my razor blades sharp and am thrilled that one blade lasts up to four months rather than the previous one and a half weeks. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of pyramid power.”

Graeme, Northcote, Auckland

“Since having purchased the Bench Top pyramid – no.520 from Wooden Earth Creations, I have been absolutely delighted with it. One is immediately aware and appreciative of the care, precision and excellence with which these pyramids have been made and the energy they are emitting, even before putting them to use. I find the pyramid is outstanding to cleanse and recharge my crystals which are in constant use.”

Morna, Waikanae, Wellington

“I read a book on ‘pyramid power’ and so decided to buy one to test it’s ability to change things molecularly. (After purchasing a totara no. 520 pyramid from Wooden Earth Creations), I got two identical glasses of water, putting one inside the pyramid (in the Kings Chamber) and the other outside the pyramid for 12 hours. Then I tasted the difference between them and found that the one inside the pyramid tasted like flowers to me.

My flatmate tasted it and also compared it to the other water and told me it tasted sweeter. Then his son also tasted them and said that the one outside the pyramid tasted stale but the one inside tasted fresh. Now we put all of our natural remedies inside the pyramid for better results. I am so impressed that I am buying a bigger pyramid so that I can meditate under it. Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to purchase such marvellous creations.”

Tony, Christchurch, South Island

“I own a kauri wooden pyramid made by Joachim to the specifications of the Great Pyramid. It is built to fit my height so that when sitting in a chair under the apex my heart centre is 1/3 of the height of the apex tip.

It has been a continuing influence on my life. My first experience while sitting inside it was surprising. I sat on a stool, immediately went into semi-consciousness and fell off the stool. The next night I put an armless chair in the pyramid and sat on that which made no difference, I fell off it. I then made a slatted bed and futon. This I now lie on and my state can do as it likes. I lie with my heart under the apex for the ‘fire in the middle’.

The pyramid’s energy has varying effects on me. I have to say my life over the past 35 years has consisted of endless tests and lessons. The pyramid, while living with me for 1 1/2 years has made no difference to this. My state is quietened in varying degrees by it, if it needs de-stressing. At times I will have quite blissful experiences and breathwork is always enhanced when done in the pyramid.

I would hesitate to say that it has actually changed my life path or situation. I don’t look for easy options or states of bliss or spiritual ecstasy and these do not appear. I have a sense of awe about owning a structure which relates so closely to the Great Pyramid. Some sensitive people say they can feel the presence of the pyramid on my property and love this feeling. I cannot feel this. My son is affected by it when ever he lies in it. He is very IMPRESSED with its properties. At the moment my pyramid is dismantled and I feel the absence of a great friend.”

Bridget, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands

“I have had many experiences in my pyramids. Food keeps so well, bench top pyramids add value to everything that you place within them. My cats love them. I wouldn’t be without them. I’d love to live in a pyramid house one day soon.”

Jan, Paeroa, Thames Valley

“Several years ago, I experienced enlightenment several times through meditation practiced during daily routines. After making inquiries, I was informed of the Wooden Earth Creations pyramids.

I purchased pyramids no.s 86 & 520 and now have the no. 86 under a tree in my backyard. The smaller no. 520 sits on my table. I have recently bought a metal framed pyramid which sits over my bed. I find the larger wooden pyramid to have a more stronger effect on my meditation than the metal framed one.

Meditating inside my pyramid brings me closer to the experiences of enlightenment I achieved a couple of years ago. With the use of a copper capstone, I find the energy levels are even stronger which brings about even more clarity.”

John, Ngaruawahia, Hauraki Plains

My experience living in the Pyramid has been exceptionally great for the past 2 years or so (Will be 2 years in Nov 2017).
Lot of things has changed in the past 20 months and I learned a great deal about the significance of ‘Pyramids for Ascension” process.

Aash from Auckland

Thank you, I am very happy with the pyramid it’s beautiful, it will touch the heart’s of many.
I’m just setting it up now. Yep this is one of a kind, magic.

Jan from Whangarei