Pyramid Power – The ‘Fiery Forms’

Pyramids are also known as the ‘Fiery Forms’ because of their ability to concentrate biocosmic energies in their centre. The mysterious wonders of these amazing constructions and their relation to the cosmos and effect on earth and humanity have long been a fascination for Joachim at Wooden Earth Creations. His research has perfected the technique of building these pyramids to the exact dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza using the universal measurement PHI (known as Sacred Geometry).

The difficult art of producing such a pyramid to these demanding requirements has enabled him to experiment with different sizes for different purposes. He believes the fascinating, mysterious power of the pyramids can be used daily as part of your every day life.

The no. 520 benchtop model serves a multitude of purposes such as preserving and purifying food and water. You can germinate seeds or encourage vigorous healthy plant growth, keep razors and knives sharp, energize & purify water or make fruit and veges taste & look so much better and last longer. Crystals are energized and natural remedies & flower essences become more potent.

The larger models can be left uncovered or covered outside (to rapidly germinate seedlings & increase plant growth). Inside, they can be fitted around a queen size bed and are an amazing space to sleep or meditate in or settle babies and animals. There is documented evidence of them increasing healing processes and increasing alpha & meditation states. There is an infinite variety of ways the pyramids can be utilised every day by harnessing the energies resonating between the cosmos and life on earth.

A wooden pyramid aligned with True North resonates with the Earth’s rotational field, the force which governs all life on Earth. This rotational field creates a non-magnetic energy field within its centre. It has a most beneficial effect on all life forms and the human mind.

Ones’ experience of this field within the pyramidical structure can result in feelings of serenity, clarity and timelessness. One feels energised, uplifted and focused on ones’ intentions. Metal used within the pyramid will absorb this energy and a metal pyramid will create a very different energy field.

There is only one exact shape a pyramid following the sacred geometry of PHI can be. Following the principal of the Great Pyramid of Giza’s dimensions, we have carefully constructed our pyramids precisely to the most minute detail. All angles are followed right through every part of the pyramid and carefully joined using rebates, tenons and dowels. The design tolerance in our pyramid construction is well below average and the user is rewarded with a potent product that goes well beyond a beautifully crafted object.

We place great importance on the fact that we use only wood and wooden joinery in our pyramids. We use different timbers (native & exotic) in our pyramids and can build any size to order.

Our larger pyramids are easily assembled without the use of any tools, you can simply fit it together in the location of your choice. They can be taken down and stored or moved to a different space or location with very little effort.

We also build personalized pyramids exactly suited to individual body sizes so that in a sitting position your seventh seal or crown chakra will benefit from the greatest concentration of energy located 1/3 up from the base.